Demo Patch 1.0

Thank you for your patience and feedback everyone!

It has been amazing to hear your experiences and thoughts while playing Gallus!

Here are the fixes in the patch! 

(Contains spoilers for people who have not played!)

  1. Roswell Lab music plays properly in the Cup O' Doodle Do and in his house.
  2. Rat shopkeep cancels dialogue properly
  3. Preen Shopkeep cancels dialogue properly
  4. General spelling/spacing fixes
  5. Bookshelves and similar items are now only interactable from the front.
  6. Debby leaves the caves after purple carrot quest.
  7. Quest Helper keyboard commands have been updated to be easier to use.
  8. Upgrade Shopkeep dialogue updated!
  9. Upgrade Shopkeep now takes the items she requests after quest completes!

Thank you so much everyone for your feedback! We really appreciate it and we look forward to giving you more Gallus goodies in the future!

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